Thank you for your interest in WORK Literary Magazine!

We are currently open to submissions of previously unpublished:

  • poetry
  • short fiction and nonfiction (2500 words or less)*
  • flash fiction (750 words or less)
  • photography
  • artwork
  • interviews

While we do not refuse simultaneous submissions, we would prefer you to not send pieces that are under consideration elsewhere.

Please send your submissions to, with the word submission in the subject line. Poetry and prose must be in a .doc format, and visual art must be sent as a .jpg. Our response time is entirely dependent on the number of responses we receive, with the average wait being around 3 months.

We publish at least one new piece of writing or art per week. This writing, photography set, interview, or artwork is showcased on the website. At the end of the calendar year, it is our goal to publish the best and brightest in the annual WORK anthology. At this time there is no compensation for accepted materials; however, the artists and writers whose work appears in the anthology will receive one copy.

WORK Literary Magazine Wish List includes creative pieces such as:

  • inter-office memos, chat, and conversations
  • pink slips
  • interviews
  • photocopy & office supply art
  • failed resumes and cover letters

If confidentiality is an issue, please change or censor the relevant names and addresses.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Poets & Writers, and Duotrope. You can sign up for WORK’s weekly email list by clicking here.

* If, and don’t tell the boss I said this, if you know what you are doing and do it very well, the boss won’t make you rewrite your ‘reports’ if you happen to exceed the word count limit.


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